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For more than 30 years, Co-Operative Computing has effectively upheld the principle of providing exceptional services. Our dedicated team of experts offer proven technology solutions that meet your requirements, improve productivity and enable collaboration. We pride ourselves on maintaining a trusted reputation for delivering efficient, quality services that ensure your unique business needs are held to the highest standard.

Co-Operative Computing is firmly established in the Professional, Accounting, Banking and Corporate Enterprise industries and provide full end-to-end implementation and support services.

Document and Email Efficiencies – Knowledge Management – Business Process Management – Document Automation – Workflow – AI Solutions – Project Management – Integration Services – Training – Support and Monitoring

Specialist in document management & business process automation solutions that centralize, automate and optimize.

History of Co-Operative Computing

Founded in 1991, Co-Operative Computing has constantly upheld the principle of providing exceptional service.
Utilising over 25 years of experience, our team of experts offer dedicated and first-rate solutions to meet your requirements.
We pride ourselves on maintaining a reputation for efficiency and high-quality service, and ensure that your unique business needs are held to the highest standard.

  • Improving clients’ efficiencies and productivity through business process consulting
  • Servicing client companies who manage their IT requirements in-house

  • Using innovative technology in practice management, document management and workflow solutions

  • Servicing clients who require cost-efficient solutions by out-sourcing IT management services

Meet our leaders

About Carlo Pagani

Carlo Pagani

Managing Director

Carlo founded Co-operative Computing in 1991, and believes that support is a key component to providing service at great value. Having started his programming career in 1979, Carlo lends a wealth of experience to the company that spans over three decades, and since regards his work as a hobby. He’s also a ‘70s music enthusiast and a self-professed bookworm.

There are two kinds of companies: those that work to try and to charge more, and those that work to try and charge less. We’ll be the second. – Jeff Bezos

About Louis Nel

Louis Nel

Technical Director

Louis has been with Co-Operative Computing for over 20 years, and believes in providing high levels of service and innovative solutions to clients. He obtained a National Diploma in Computer Data Processing at Technikon Witwatersrand, and is loyal to both his craft and passion for sports. You can find him cycling or golfing, or serving a mean lob on the squash court.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail… – Benjamin Franklin

C for Coop
O for Coop
O for Coop
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CITIZENSHIP Woven into the fabric of Co-Operative Computing (Co-op) is the belief that South Africa is a great place in which to live and learn. Our decisions are based on how they can influence the country and improve the lives of South Africans. Creation of job opportunities and increasing GDP are key to our approach. We embrace the family values of loyalty, empathy, respect and dignity which contribute to a sense of safety and comfort between the employees and management.

OUTSTANDING RESULTS The pursuit of excellence is key to our performance. In order to achieve outstanding results Co-op promotes and encourages a culture of constant learning. This enables us to embrace rather than fear change.


ORGANISATIONAL EFFICIENCYEfficiency and effectiveness of both our clients and our own organisations is core to our success. We do this through process definition, continuous improvement and optimising organisational structures. Process efficiency is part of our DNA

PAYING IT FORWARD – Satisfaction is a function of expectation; Co-op strives to always give more than what is expected. Providing excellent customer service and going the extra mile for our clients has them coming back for more.

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