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A unified workplace for professionals

Co-Flo Enterprise is one, comprehensive platform to optimize and automate your professional processes. Designed for workflows across Professional Services Firms and In-house Corporate teams – Co-Flo maximises service delivery, improves productivity and reduces costs.

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The choice of serious global corporations and professional services firms

Co-Flo solves the challenge of disjointed, specialised systems by providing a single integrated solution that is more affordable and more effective.

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Co-Flo is more affordable, less risky and more effective due to its all-in-one approach and deep technical understanding of the market

Features Overview

Co-Flo Enterprise includes all the features you need to optimise and automate your professional workflows

Manage, action and report on Matters throughout your organisation

Co-Flo Matter Management provides professional services teams an easy way to capture critical information. Create your own metadata easily and immediately report on it across Co-Flo and integrated systems. Co-Flo Matter Management brings Business Process Automation (BPA) to Professional Services in an easy to use interface that matches the specific needs of your business and departments.

Execute contracts accurately and expediently while staying ahead of deadlines, renewals and terminations

Co-Flo allows you to create and execute contracts with accuracy and efficiency using system driven data population and workflow management. Manage and track contracts automatically through the Contracts Dashboard and alerts – staying ahead of the curve and proactively managing the risk of potential breaches.

Draft documents rapidly with high accuracy and low-risk

Documents and correspondence are core instruments of most in-house corporate services. Legacy word processing and filing systems do little to manage risk and improve productivity. Enter Co-Flo Document Assembly. Co-Flo Document Assembly makes drafting documents a breeze – reducing drafting times from hours to minutes while significantly increasing the accuracy and relevance of the final product.

Manage your organisation effectively and wow your clients and customers with real insight

Co-Flo Business Intelligence and Dashboards provide the leading and lagging indicators to keep your finger on the pulse. Co-Flo’s intuitive UI allows bespoke dashboards to be tailored to your specific business and client requirements. No need to talk to technical support – Co-Flo charts and dashboards can be easily built and modified using our dynamic Designer Interface.

Triage, allocate, prioritise and manage your Requests effortlessly

Co-Flo Request Management is the gateway to automated request processing. Co-Flo’s web portal makes accessibility a breeze. The dynamic architecture allows full tailoring of submission requirements for any of your case types – ensuring nothing is left out. This, in turn, drives the “smart” allocation and prioritisation of the request.

Spend more time on value-adding tasks while mitigating risk

Leveraging its broad integration and rich metadata, Co-Flo can get your systems working for you. Whether it be automated document drafting, automated correspondence, or follow up reminders – Co-Flo can take menial and repetitive tasks of your plate so you can focus on real value. Add in automated alerts and case escalations to get Co-Flo proactively manage risk for you.

Built to seamlessly integrate with and compliment iManage Work

Co-Flo seamlessly integrates with iManage Work, the worlds leading document and email management system. Easily manage file notes on an Entity and Matter level, and generate tasks on a Client, Matter and Document level. Trigger workflows directly from iManage Work and automatically generate documents with the correct metadata into any workspace.

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