Email Filing and Management

 File your emails centrally and automatically 

Challenges You Face:

Volume: You receive large volume of emails on a daily basis making it difficult to keep track of emails and to find the information that is needed when it is needed.

Complexity: Your emails can contain a variety of information, including text, attachments, and images. This can make it difficult for you to categorize and index emails in a way that makes them easy to find.

Compliance: You are subject to a variety of regulations that govern the storage and retention of emails. This makes it difficult for you to ensure that emails are stored in a way that complies with all applicable regulations.

Security: Your emails contain sensitive information, such as trade secrets, financial data, and customer records. You need to protect this information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Benefits You’re Looking For:

Boost Productivity: Effective email management reduces time spent searching for emails, allowing focus on key tasks.

Improved Organisation: Centralizing emails facilitates access to necessary information.

Stress reduction: A well-managed inbox fosters control and confidence in workload management.

Compliance: Industry regulation is achieved through proper email storage and archiving, mitigating legal risks.

Better Customer Service: Promptly access relevant information, enabling quick resolution of customer issues.

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