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Why use a Document Management System (DMS)?

  • Increase efficiency by automating routine tasks.
  • Improve compliance by providing centralized, secure document storage.
  • Reducing the reliance on paper, driving cost reductions.
  • Enhance security through robust access control mechanisms.
  • Foster a collaborative environment by simplifying document sharing and access.
  • Boost customer service capabilities.
Document management, records management, email filing and management

What is Document Management?

Document management refers to processes for managing documents within and outside an organization, both physically and digitally. This includes creating, storing, organizing, securing documents throughout their entire lifecycle.

Document management, knowledge management, records management, email filing and management

Why does Document Management matter?

A significant benefit of properly applying document management is the ability to quickly find documents. With advanced search capabilities, users can quickly and easily locate the documents they need, even within very large archives.

Document management, knowledge management, records management, email filing and management

Can Document Management improve document security?

Yes, a DMS indeed contributes to document security. This can be through features such as access control, encryption, audit trails, document versions, and user rights management.

Document management, records management, email filing and management

How does Document Management improve collaboration?

A DMS can improve collaboration through features such as shared access to documents, simultaneous editing, comments and annotations, workflow automation, and notifications.

iManage Work

iManage Work enables every organization to manage documents and emails more efficiently, protect vital information assets, and leverage knowledge to drive better business outcomes. Work empowers knowledge workers to be more productive, streamline collaboration, and deliver their best work. iManage Work is relied on by more than one million professionals at 4,000 organizations around the world

Never lose a document or email again

The iManage Work search feature significantly enhances your productivity by allowing you to swiftly locate emails, attachments and documents even if you were not copied on the email. This powerful tool gives you access to critical information, making iManage Work an exceptional asset for efficient document and email management. iManage makes sure that you never lose a document again.

Modern document and email management

iManage, the most trusted document and email platform, provides powerful tools to help you be more productive, collaborative and secure. With a combination of automation, powerful search and better access to content iManage Work 10 in the cloud empowers knowledge workers to deliver better business outcomes.

  • Streamline work with Microsoft 365 and Teams integration
  • Make your organization smarter
  • Work your way anywhere
  • Activate your expertise
  • Eliminate roadblocks to collaboration
  • Maintain your single source of truth

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