Your company’s technological practices should support your business, not constrain it.
We focus on the strategic needs of your business to determine the capabilities needed to support your unique IT requirements.
Co-Operative Computing helps you address technology-related decisions to ensure your operating models are agile and effective, saving you time and optimising your business.


iManage Work

Co-Operative Computing is proud to be the only iManage-certified training partner in Africa. This certification allows us to offer the following courses:

  • iManage 10 Application Essentials
  • iManage Concepts and Terminology
  • Workspace Management
  • Workspace Design and Creation
  • Saving and Copying Documents
  • Retrieving Documents
  • Advanced Searching
  • Email Management
  • Document Menu Commands
  • User-configurable Options
  • Integrated Applications
  • Off-Site
  • iManage CC
  • iManage Work Certified Engineer (iCSE)