iManage AI Roadmap 2024 – What we learned at the Chicago SKO event

Since Microsoft launched Co-Pilot in November 2023, our customers have been keen to know what iManage is doing about integrating with it and what the iManage AI roadmap will look like. Co-Operative Computing had the privilege of attending the iManage SKO event in Chicago last week and this is what we know.

Opening Keynote –Neil Araujo (CEO)

  • Out of 23 AM Law firms, 20 firms make use of iManage.
  • More than 80 companies moved from NetDocuments to iManage in 2023.
  • 65% of iManage customer are now in the new iManage cloud platform.

What matters with AI is that customers can have a safe environment with trusted AI platform that is easily accessible and provides accurate outputs. What does iManage have panned for AI in 2024, well to put in simply I’ll use the analogy of vitamins and painkillers. The vitamins will enhance the performance of users and painkillers will take away the pain of administrative burdens and risks.

iManage are focusing their AI platform around:

  • Trust and Security
  • Data Classification
  • Enrichment
  • Extraction
  • Summarization
  • Comparison
  • Automation
  • Acceleration

The benefits of iManage’s AI platform are that it will use natural language searching that can extract content from documents. Users will be able to leverage AI to make knowledge reuseable and institutional.

iManage AI

iManage AI is a set of services and application in the iManage platform that enable knowledge workers to work smarter, faster, and safer. iManage is approaching AI from a practical perspective, building it into their platform, and building the data foundation that is essential for generative AI.

As stewards of iManage customers most valuable information, they are focused on enabling their customers to leverage AI securely and ethically.

iManage can now deliver document classification and enrichment, which dramatically enhances the value of existing documents:

  • Automatically classifies documents by type and identifies key information.
  • Deeper, more accurate search and better answers.
  • Better information governance and retention.

Coming soon, iManage’s Mailbox Assistant will automate and streamline tasks like filing emails and saving attachments. This improves individual productivity, knowledge retention, and governance.

Planned for later this year, Ask iManage is a Generative AI natural language assistant that lets you automate and accelerate the way you work with documents:

  • Find specific answers and data points in documents. What this means is that your iManage users can automate time-consuming tasks like document summarization or comparison.
  • You can use Ask iManage to better understand your risk exposure. For example, Ask iManage can automatically analyze hundreds of documents to identify specific indicators of risk, quickly and with high accuracy. This process can dramatically improve your organization’s risk mitigation efforts.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks like document summarization or comparison. For example, Ask iManage would let you take a time-intensive task like reviewing hundreds of legal documents, and cut the amount of time that takes by 80%.
  • Take action or launch workflows based on specific data points. Streamlining this process makes your organization faster, more profitable, and better able to compete for business.
  • Users will be able to analyze data and add their own saved questions about document sets for future use.

Microsoft Power Automate & iManage Integration

iManage’s integration to Power Automate introduces a world of possibilities. From creating new workspaces, signing documents, 4-eye approvals, check-in notifications, summarize a document.

Integrating Power Automate with Microsoft Tracker – Tracker is iManage’s own task management solution to streamline processes and manage tasks. iManage will also bring out a form builder to integrate with Power Automate.

It is important to note that iManage’s competitors cannot integrate with Power Automate and this is a huge advantage for iManage customers.

Service Now and iManage Integration

iManage also announced an integration with Service Now. This allows non-iManage users to make requests to legal teams for any work and sync those artifacts added to the request into iManage. We know that many companies make use of Service Now and this strategic partnership is one that could see even more value added to customers worldwide.

iManage Insight +

This is a game changer for existing iManage customer. Not only will you have data presented into readable dashboards and insights, but you will be able to use those insights to locate deals, matters and exports for previous work, giving you an added advantage of reaching out to experts and seeing the knowledge they worked on.

New planned iManage features for 2024

iManage is focused on helping knowledge workers drive efficiencies, reduce risks and automate mundane tasks. Soon iManage will be launching webhooks that enhance the way workflows operate between systems integrated with iManage. Triggers will automate tasks when events occur and not after they have occurred.

Enhanced collaboration and sharing of documents to non-iManage users. iManage users will be able to share documents within iManage with non-iManage and provide the same iManage view to these users. This means that shared documents don’t have to be extracted and re-imported back into iManage after sharing.

Microsoft Teams will play a vital role for many organizations in the future and iManage is natively integrating their repository into Teams so that users can save chats, recordings and use the Teams co-authoring functionality to collaborate together on documents.

iManage is also launching their own Migration tool that is free of charge to on-premises or private Azure customers, reducing the high costs for companies to buy 3rd party software to move documents into the new iManage cloud.

Automated Trash Purge – This will reduce the buildup of archived files that should have been deleted by admins and can automate data retention based on upon company retention policies.

Journal cleanup – For every change iManage does record this in the form of journaling, much like Microsoft does, but this feature does clunk up space. Journal cleanup will remove those old unnecessary audit changes automatically freeing up space on the system.

For iManage cloud customers wanting to make use of further data backups outside of iManage cloud, Hycu is now an iManage partner who can specialize SaaS data backups.

Threat Manager will also see some automated detection and behaviours analytics that will highlight trends to administrative users and manager.

iManage will be hosting an event in May 2024 called ConnectLive where even more updates will be shared on the above. For any other updates, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Byran Barkley – Legal Alchemist | Technology Solutionist | Integrity Advocate |
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