Maximizing Efficiency in Legal Operations with Document Generation Software

Of those familiar with drafting software, 83% of legal professionals agreed that drafting software mitigates risks, indicating a high level of confidence in drafting software. 50 lawyers were interviewed, and it was found that they saved 90% of the time they had previously spent on drafting legal documents. The adoption of AI and software tools in the legal sector is significantly changing the landscape of legal operations, providing unprecedented efficiency and cost savings. Two notable examples, EMW and Browne Jacobson, showcase the impactful results of integrating such technologies.

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EMW’s Transformation with Template Studio

EMW’s shift from an outdated document restyling tool to Template Studio by Novaplex marked a significant improvement in their document management process. The transition delivered not only cost savings but also a remarkable 50% increase in user uptake, alongside improved document generation, speed and functionality. Before the switch, EMW struggled with maintaining consistency across documents and resolving cross-referencing issues, which were both time-consuming and costly. The adoption of Template Studio addressed these challenges by allowing users to easily rebrand, restyle, and review documents, leading to a 50% improvement in the success rate of transforming documents that had been challenging to restyle with the previous solution. EMW’s experience illustrates the value of tailored software solutions, which resulted in a 50% cost saving and marked improvements in software speed and reliability.

Browne Jacobson’s Rebranding Project

Browne Jacobson undertook a comprehensive company-wide marketing rebrand, affecting thousands of documents and templates. Faced with the daunting task of updating approximately 4000 templates, which was initially estimated to take nine months of manual work, Novaplex’s expertise facilitated a much more efficient solution. By employing Template Studio, Browne Jacobson was able to rebrand, test, and quality-check 4000 templates in just six days—a significant reduction from the estimated nine months. This not only saved thousands in temporary staff and overtime costs but also ensured 100% accuracy in the resulting output, showcasing the efficiency and reliability of Novaplex’s solutions.

Template Studio is revolutionizing document generation across industries, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that ensure consistency, efficiency, and customization. With its professional, ready-to-use templates, organizations can immediately start generating contracts, letters, and notices, among other documents, right after installation. The software’s smart forms guide users through the creation process, enabling easy editing and ensuring that all changes maintain the document’s correct structure, from footers to clauses. Beyond preinstalled templates, Template Studio allows the creation of custom templates, offering unmatched flexibility to better meet organizational needs. Integration with platforms like iManage and Pexels enriches this ecosystem, providing seamless document management and access to copyright-free visuals to enhance document quality. Moreover, Template Studio’s capability to repurpose previously generated document metadata into new documents ensures accuracy and mitigates errors.

The future for legal firms

The experiences of EMW and Browne Jacobson demonstrate the transformative potential of integrating specialized software solutions in the legal industry. By adopting technologies like Template Studio, organizations can significantly enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality and consistency of templated documents. As the legal sector continues to evolve, the adoption of such technologies will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of legal operations, making legal services more efficient, and effective.

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