iManage Logins and the iManage App: A Guide for Modern Law Firms

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Of all the challenges firms face, perhaps one of the most frustrating is managing an ever-expanding array of SaaS applications. On average, organizations juggle over 125 different SaaS tools, leading to a 40% of IT professionals streamlining redundant SaaS apps. With the expenditure spent on SaaS expected to increase by $35 billion from the $197 billion over the next few years, its more important to acquire a jack of all trades.


iManage SaaS:

iManage is a robust platform with the ability to perform the tasks that would otherwise be delegated to multiple SaaS solutions. A benefit that reduces the need to burden your IT team with training and implementation of multiple solutions. iManage’s native cloud utilizes several security features available in Azure. With Azure Key Vault, you have the ability to create your own customer-managed encryption keys for your documents. This ensures that no one, including iManage personnel, can have access your content without the key. This approach leverages the security, scalability, and ease of management of cloud computing.

iManage: Legacy On-Premise vs. Cloud Comparison:

The term ‘legacy’ describes outdated and inefficient technologies, systems or infrastructures. More commonly, Legacy refers to on premise server infrastructure. When comparing iManage on-premise to its native cloud counterpart, there are some distinct differences to consider. The key difference between legacy (on-premises) and SaaS (cloud) systems are the concept of multi-tenancy. Legacy iManage is typically hosted on-premises or in a customers own Azure tenant, which requires both ongoing maintenance and dedicated  server resources or physical space. This setup often restricts access to internal networks, potentially limiting remote work capabilities, and usually involves higher initial investments due to the need for hardware and its maintenance. On the other hand, cloud iManage, often hosted on services like Microsoft Azure, eliminates the need for physical infrastructure. According to research, 60% of business data is now stored in the cloud. In 2023, 48% of businesses stored their most important data in the cloud. This shift not only reduces upfront investments but also switches to a more cost-effective operational expense model. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to access resources from virtually anywhere, which is a great benefit for remote work. This makes cloud iManage an attractive option for firms looking to modernize their operations and embrace flexibility.

Accessing iManage: Various Methods and URLs:

How to log into iManage

iManage understands that everyone has their unique working style, which is why it offers several access points to suit various preferences. For those who prefer a traditional setup, the iManage Work Desktop for Windows is a solid choice. It’s a desktop client installed right on your PC, typically accessed through an internal URL. For legacy customers, this web client can be accessed through any standard web browser, and you can simply log in via https://<yourcompany> For customers that have onboarded to iManage’s new native cloud that supports a wide arrays of new features including AI. You simply navigate to and use your company iManage login credentials. On the go customers can also access iManage via the above URLs on any smartphone, allowing you to manage documents and workflows directly from your smartphone or tablet. IOS users also have the advantage of using iManage mobile app that negates the need for a direct URL; just download the app and get started. These options ensure that no matter your working preference or location, iManage has you covered.

Discover More with iManage:

Integrating iManage, whether through legacy systems or cloud-based solutions, offers law firms enhanced efficiency, security, and adaptability. By adopting advanced SaaS management and cloud hosting like Microsoft Azure, firms can streamline their operations and better manage the complexities of modern legal practices. Contact us for detailed information on how iManage can revolutionize your legal operations, providing the tools to navigate the complexities of the digital age efficiently and securely.


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