Combatting Corporate Fraud with iManage Document Management

Combatting corporate frau with iManage document management

Sensitive Data Against Internal Threats

A Magistrate’s Court has set bail for a former bursary specialist and two co-accused, charged with embezzling R16.5 million intended for student bursaries from a prominent firm. They face over 400 counts of fraud and money laundering, with additional theft charges against the primary accused. The court highlighted the gravity of the offenses while balancing the accused’s temporary liberty with the integrity of the justice process.

These cases are not limited to South Africa, recent 2023 fraud cases across various sectors underscore the ongoing threat of deception. One of the most notable instances include a $2.5 billion healthcare fraud scheme and significant legal repercussions for a former startup CEO and a cryptocurrency platform’s CEO, highlighting the need for robust anti-fraud strategies and technology to protect against evolving tactics of fraudsters.


A study found that 51% of surveyed organisations say they experienced fraud in the past two years, the highest level in 20 years of research. In response to rising internal fraud incidents, financial institutions like banks amongst others are turning to email and document management systems like iManage systems to safeguard sensitive data. iManage’s robust version control and audit tracking provide a formidable barrier against unauthorized document manipulation, a common tactic in fraudulent schemes.

Establishing Indisputable Audit Trails

iManage offers comprehensive audit trails, an indispensable tool for monitoring document security and revisions. This creates a transparent work environment that not only helps in promptly identifying suspicious activities but also acts as a preventive measure against potential internal fraud.

Enforcing Compliance and Collaboration Policies

The enforcement of compliance policies through iManage ensures that any deviations from standard procedures are quickly detected and addressed. By controlling document-sharing and collaboration, iManage also prevents the unauthorized dissemination of information, crucial in mitigating collusion with external entities. As fraudulent tactics become more sophisticated, the adaptability of iManage enables organizations to stay ahead. Continuous updates and policy adjustments within iManage help companies keep their defences against fraud up to date.

Upholding Corporate Integrity with iManage

iManage doesn’t just protect against fraud; it underpins a company’s commitment to ethical practices and accountability. Implementing such a system reflects an organization’s dedication to maintaining rigorous standards of integrity and trustworthiness in the face of fraud challenges In addition, file access and security features will also help your business eliminate data tampering by your employees to mitigate internal financial fraud practices. The safety of your IP begins with your decision to put barriers in place to protect you from risk as well as protect your clients. Choose the right protection method and contact us to find out more about iManage.

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